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Re: Changing Rear End Ratio in a TD

Subject: Re: Changing Rear End Ratio in a TD
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:55:10 EDT
  The 4.3 gears on 165x15 radial tires will cause the engine to rev 3497
at 60 mph.
                                  5.50      original Dunlops             
                                  5.60      repro Firestones             
  I think your tach is reading high.  Even with the 165x15 radials, the
4.3 should be slowing the engine to 3750 rpm at 64.35 mph. Allowing 5%
for differences in rolling circumference, 5000 is still way too high.
On Sun, 22 Aug 1999 22:04:07 EDT writes:
>Greetings All,
>I have been following the thread on the changing of the "T" rear end.  
>fast are you driving with this change ??  I have had trouble with the 
>not standing up to 65-70 mph speeds with the 4.3, even though it will 
>go much 
>faster than that !!!  I am at 5000 when I am @ 65 & 5500 @ 70..  Do 
>not know 
>how accurate my tach is....
>John Kinney    Danville IL

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