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Re: Shame on you

Subject: Re: Shame on you
From: John Walker <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 23:16:59 -0700
Just to be clear I did not forward any of our posts to the guy nor was I rude
to him.  I simply asked him why somebody would do that to a beautiful 'B'?
I honestly wanted to know.  Modifying your MG with halogen head lamps or
adding tube shocks for a particular performance is ONE thing and is completely
understandable.  However, the type of modifications made to the car in
made NO sense to me.  So I was just hoping the guy could explain it to me.
Instead he was rude.

That my $.02


At 12:09 AM 8/26/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I am relatively quiet on the list. I am an avid LBC owner and fan and have 
>been for since I bought my first TR4 when I was 15 years old and I am 41
>I have known many LBC owners with cars in all kinds of conditions. All were 
>loved by the owners. We all make modifications to our cars to make them more 
>enjoyable to us or someone we love. If this were not true no one would be 
>putting V8's in them or put in an AC unit or 5 speed gearboxes. Lots of our 
>cars are ugly and we still love them. Probably many of us could and I'm sure 
>do own more exotic cars but we still love our LBC's. I like being on the
>so I can learn, occasionally offer help and just because like to hear
>from other owners. I think it is terrible the things I read tonight. You are 
>picking on this poor guy and no nothing about it or him. His car would not
>my choice of cars to buy either, I would not want and auto trans and I love 
>the sound of a British engine. I also don't really like purple (there are 
>many stock MG colors I don't like either), and wouldn't pay that much money 
>for the car even if it was stock. But I felt I needed to apologize to this 
>poor man for the lists behavior, especially after hearing about mirroring
>page and forwarding the flames to him, that was mean. So I sent him an email 
>tonight and this is his reply.
>I appreciate your note.  I did not know anything about the ridiculing I was 
>getting since I do not belong to that list, I own a Bugeye and am on the 
>Spridget list.  I got a couple messages from people asking me why I would do 
>that to a car.  Then I got another one that was CC'd to me which included 
>several derogatory remarks about my taste and financial status.  What they 
>don't realize is the car was built several years ago by an elderly gentleman 
>for his granddaughter to go off to college.  Unfortunately, she was killed
>an accident before she graduated high school.  The car sat for a few years
>his backyard, and then he decided to sell it.  I bought it for my wife, but 
>she complains about it being too hot here in Central California (107 today) 
>for a convertible.  So, it's for sale.
>I wish you well and thank you again.   
>I believe most people on the list joined for the same reasons I did and I am 
>willing to bet that most want to keep it that way.
>--Mike Quinn
>74 MGB CB
>67 Triumph TR4A-IRS

John Walker
"in progress" :)

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