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Re: Shame on you

Subject: Re: Shame on you
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 06:46:04 -0700
Oh come on now!!Lets stop being soooo
touchy / feely.This guy was trying to
SELL this piece of crap,if he had just
posted the pictures it would be one
thing but his description sounded like a
new car brochure.
As for the sob story about the daughter
dying and all I don't believe it I guess
the previous owner was the little old
lady from pasadena!C'mon Mike stop being
so gullible and I guess it OK to be
compassionate but put it where it is
deserved.This guy was probably offered
$200 by a dealer and thought he could
sucker in someone who didn't know  squat
about LBCs I think Kai should be proud
not ashamed for stopping this sale
because who ever bought would surely be
bad- mouthing MGs after his
experience,our cars have a bad enough
reputation among the general public we
don't need something like this car out
there making it worse.

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