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Re: Shame on CU

To: Bob Howard <>
Subject: Re: Shame on CU
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:58:39 -0700

Bob Howard wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Aug 1999 06:46:04 -0700 patrick bailey
> <> writes:
> snip-- would surely be>bad- mouthing MGs after his experience,our cars
> have a bad enough reputation among the general public - snip
> >Pat
> >
>   This week's Newsweek (Bill Gates on the cover) has an article on hot
> wheels now or soon to be in the US market.   "...Miata, a roadster that
> evoked a bygone era of Triumphs and MGs, minus the huge repair bills" is
> from the article. Once you read the glowing reviews, check out the advert
> on p.4 to get an idea of their judgment.
>   Thoughtful of these guys to slander our 25+ year old vehicles.
> Question--has anyone really  _had_  a "huge repair bill"  or is this a
> perception caused by the annoying little repairs that get under one's
> skin?
> Bob

I couldn't agree more these cars are really more reliable and cheaper to fix
than new cars I feel the reputation is NOT deserved but has grown by people
who wern't likely to work on the cars themselves and didn't do the required
maintenance.It's funny but I usually get 2 responses when people comment on
my MG  (1) Neat car! (2) I used to have one (or brother,uncle etc) and he had
nothing but trouble with ityadda yadda.I've had both my '79 B and my wifes
'89 Aerostar for 5 years(I had to get her the van so Icould get the B) and I
have spent over $2500 in repairs on the van $1400 tranny,$450 new flywheel,
$200 brakes TWICE !! plus other stuff and right now the starter just went
out!!Now on the B I'll bet I haven't spent $500 on repairs clutch MC and
slave $125 radiator $250 u-joints $45 So which car has been more reliable?
Also I,ve put over 50,000 miles on the B in those 5 years.New cars ARE
generally more reliable than old cars BUT when something does go wrong they
cost a hell of a lot more to get repaired.I love explaining this to the clods
who bad-mouth LBCs.The problem as I see it today is that people aren't
"motorists"anymore they just want a car to get from A to B as quickly as
possible without any problems they look apon cars as appliances We on the
other hand are a dying breed who take the road less traveled look at our cars
as friends who enjoy the open road I swear my car seems to like the
twisties!!It just seems to run better than when flogging it on the
freeways!When is the last time you heard of someone just going on a sunday
drive?Now everyone has to going someplace and the drive is just an
inconvience.When I was  akid we went on sunday drives and didn't have a
destination just went for the adventure!I still do this I never know where
I'll end up and the lure of the open road is still out there for those of us
who seek it.

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