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Re: Why do I have to tap the fuel pump?

To: Rich Peterson <>, MGS <>
Subject: Re: Why do I have to tap the fuel pump?
From: John Walker <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 22:51:10 -0700
My '74 had this problem a couple of years ago.
One day it got so bad I had to drive all of the way home
(10 miles) with my hand through the battery compartment opening
tapping the pump all of the way home.  What ever it is that
causes this, I highly recommend that you either fix or replace
your pump before it gets that bad.  Because even though this is 
a cool story to tell your friends, it really isn't as fun as it might
sound.   :)


At 12:18 AM 8/28/99 -0400, Rich Peterson wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I have a '78 'B with a fuel pump which appears to be dying a slow
>death.  I cleaned the points, but I still have to give it a tap to get
>it working when starting the car after a day or two.  What is it that is
>being jarred loose when I tap?  Any way to fix it?  Inquiring minds want
>to know . . .
>Rich P.

John Walker
"in progress" :)

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