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Re: Reliability

Subject: Re: Reliability
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:57:40
May I ask if you have successfully sold your wife on a Miata as a family

At 11:47 PM 8/27/99 EDT, wrote:
>Hi Don!
>Go for a Miata.  I've owned one since 1989 and I love it.  Closest thing to 
>an MGB performance-wise (better actually) and very reliable to boot.  Prices 
>for used ones are down around $7,000.
>1960 MGA
>1961 AH BT7
>1960 AH Sprite
>1959 Morgan Plus Four
>1999 Porsche Boxster
>1989 Miata

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