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Re: Speeding Tickets(now seat belts)

To: j r overcash <>
Subject: Re: Speeding Tickets(now seat belts)
From: Pat bailey <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 19:16:00 -0700

j r overcash wrote:

> .  How does the officer know you had your belt on or not???  > -

I was driving my work truck and it ahs 3 way belts...IHO this is only a way to
get revenue they don't really give a &^*%
if you are safe or not.This is an easy ticket no chasing anyone etc.I asked the
CHP why he wasn't on the freeway catching speeders instaed of harrassing us
workin' folk and got no answer.I think this whole law ought to be tossed except
for children
and let me decide if I want to wear one or not.15 years ago I was in a bad head
on collision in a D50 dodge pickup and I wasn't wearing seat belts and I came
out of it with  only a broken jaw and a few bruises I feel if I had been wearing
a belt I would have been injured more the steering wheel was 2" from the seat!I
still don't remember the wreck but I guess I either was thrown sideways or dove
for the passenger side.Today I usually buckle up 99% of the time and my kids
always do but I don't like getting dinged for $23 while working!!!

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