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RE: Aussies: LHD Cars

To: "Eric Erickson" <>
Subject: RE: Aussies: LHD Cars
From: "Steve Conley" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 07:37:24 -0700
Just curious...does anyone know what the situation in the US is as far as
RHD? (Besides the mail trucks!)

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Neil Cotty wrote:
> I read in some Classic Car magazine that soon, Aussie's may be allowed
> to register and drive LHD cars. Is that correct?

What... and drop the metric system too?

All I know is that the laws are either different (I haven't needed to
check this out) from State to State in Oz or at least they are policed
differently.  Here in South Australia I've seen people driving (mostly
classic or collectable) LHD cars and they don't seem to need the BIG
YELLOW AND BLACK SIGN on them that I have seen in Western Australia

I know that they are working to rationalise (and nationalise) our road
laws and are trying to weed out unnecessary trivial laws, but I am not
sure if this would be amongst them.

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