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Re: Aussies: LHD Cars

To: Steve Conley <>
Subject: Re: Aussies: LHD Cars
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:40:06 -0500
Steve Conley wrote:
> Just curious...does anyone know what the situation in the US is as far as
> RHD? (Besides the mail trucks!)

My first car, in 1956, was a 1949 MG TC with RHD & nobody said a word
about it. I drove my Cooper S from 1996 through fall of 1998, when it
was wrecked, and it's RHD; again, not a word from anybody. I tend to
think there's no regulation regarding RHD/LHD in the US. I know
California used to have a law that nobody could sit to the left of the
driver in a LHD car, because some older trucks from Mexico had the
driver in the middle and passenger seats on both sides of him.

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