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Moss sale

Subject: Moss sale
From: Pat bailey <>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 17:45:13 -0700
Hi all,
Well Brian and I just got back from the Moss sale in Goleta drove about
450 miles round trip and the B ran perfectly! We went from Tehachapi
down thruogh Frazier Park,down hwy 33 to Ojai and then over to Goleta
and didn't get there until about 8:45 am (left at 4:40) and the feeding
frenzy was alreay in full swing!!I scored a seat kit for $75!!! All that
is wrong is a little seam separation.Moss regularly wants $299 so that
was worth the trip!
Also my light switch fell apart last night so I had to twist the wires
together to get there this morning so I bought a new switch(good
timing)and an aluminum valve cover and some  seat diaphragms so with the
15% discount it was worth my time.Has anyone any hints or warnings about
putting on themoss seat kit?If so please let me know! Now I will just
have to wait for the MG autojumble in Pasadena in November(I missed last
year getting a triple bypass!!)So I'd better startsaving my $$$$$

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