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For those in England: NonLBC way of life question. VeryImportant

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Subject: For those in England: NonLBC way of life question. VeryImportant
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 11:29:13 -0400
Hey folks.

I have a little news that's bothering me to no end.  In fact,  I'm quite

My girlfriend is currently going to school in London.  I'm stuck here in the

She called me more than a little upset Saturday night (3:30 am your time)
that one of her friends, someone I actually know and whom we both trusted,
trapped her in the stairwell of her apartment house and forced himself on
her.  Mainly just kissing, but a little more as well.  She escaped by first
kneeing him at the first opportunity, and then running into her apartment.
THe advances were unwanted and unprovoked.  He was a little drunk.  

After my initial reaction (which was to start making plans to fly to
London),  I realized that no good could come of it.  Being arrested in a a
foreign land is not what I had in mind for this week.  My next thought was
for her to report him to the police and file a complaint.  Maybe not file
charges, but at least have it on record in case he tries something else.
Letting him know a report was filed might be a future deterent.  Wini, my
GF, doesn't think that will do any good.  She is of the opinion that things
of this nature are taken lightly by the police constables.  

What is your the general opinion on this matter.  What steps can we take
short of my killing the son-of-a-bitch?  I promised her I would do nothing
until i spoke with her,  but doing nothing is eating me up inside.  


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