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RE: underdash replacement panels for B (MGB GT)

Subject: RE: underdash replacement panels for B (MGB GT)
From: don <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 18:51:03 -0700 (PDT)
I bought some of the new panels for my '73 B GT.  I just gave up on getting
them to fit and sent them back.  I'm going to patch my old ones and
reinstall them.  New parts are awful!

Don Scott

At 04:55 PM 10/27/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Thank you. Great story.
>Aspecially as my car is the same and age...
>I'll keep this in my file.
>'71 BGT with these panel not in place...even don't know if the old ones are
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>> Subject:     underdash replacement panels for B (1971 MGBgt0
>> Thanks to everyone who replied to my request for help on above. 
>>  For anyone contemplating replacement of the their raggedy underpanels on
>> a 
>> similar model, here is what I learned.  
>> I was unable to find the right underpanel with accomodation for 
>> the radio speaker which was originally mounted to the pasenger side 
>> underpanel.  It does have accomodation for wiper motor though.
>> There are three manufacturers of these undepanels and they are all pretty 
>> much alike and there is only one model from each manufacturer which
>> allededly 
>> fits all B's.
>> The prices ranged from $67 a pair to $99 a pair for the same plastic
>> product 
>> with a felt backing.  The ones I got @$67 from B Hive in Clemson SC work
>> fine 
>> with some pusihng and cutting.  They had it on special.
>> Be sure to cut away a place for the hood (bonnet) release befor e putting 
>> everything finally in place.  I overlooked this but it was easily
>> remidied.  
>> We drilled holes for the radio speaker to send 
>> the sound through.  That works. 
>> Now I don't catch my britches on the dangling underpanel when I slide my 
>> short fat senior citizen bod into the car.......mel
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