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Radiator ?? V-8 in it someday

Subject: Radiator ?? V-8 in it someday
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 01:40:40 EDT
Hi my 79 is running this car had a fire many years ago thanks to a friend it 
now runs with a 76 engine, till i get the v-8 all done etc save some more $$$ 
etc. Now the question is  the radiator in it leaks like crazy i don't want to 
put another stock one in it what are you v-8 guys using??  Im looking at 
using the 65 or so mustang rad it should fit.  What are you're thoughts 
Ray Huff
74 mgb
741/2 bgt
79 mgb future v-8
parting 76 & some 78 parts still

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