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Clutch bleed best of both worlds

Subject: Clutch bleed best of both worlds
From: Enrique Claure <>
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 22:16:37 -0400
Hi folks, Im back from doing my clutch. Here is what I did. First of all,
the nipple was in the wrong hole as pointed out by a sharp list member.
Once I had that done I attached a two meter pieces of tubing to the nipple
and passed it over the engine to a flask right beside the MC. The tip of
the tubing was attached to cylindrical type mesh filter that belongs to a
VW gas tank.  I filled the MC, opened the nipple and my sweet wife pumped
the pedal. The first few pumps were filled with bubbles but as the pumping
went on the bubbles disappeared. The advantage of this method is that I
could monitor both the out going fluid and the MC fluid level while my
assistant pumped under my instructions. My flush left no traces of dirt but
to be safe I did not reuse any of the fluid and pumped it the flask. As
fluid came out I poured more into the MC until no traces of large or micro
bubbles were present. "Hold the pedal" I yelled and zoomed under that car
and tightened the nipple. End of bleed no more than 10min. Not bad for a
first time bleed. The pedal has a firm feeling to it all the way to the
bottom.  Two question I still have are:

1. How much travel must the fork have? No info on this in they Haynes.
2. Can I get some pointers as to how the pedal must feel after a good
bleed? I dont recall how my pedal felt before I took the car apart?

Thanks, Enrique 

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