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Re: Halogen dash lights

Subject: Re: Halogen dash lights
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 20:21:10 -0800
Word on the street is that said:
> The LBC guys are offering 5 and 10-watt halogen light bulbs they say will 
> work well in dash instruments and provide a lot of light.  I remember a past 
> list string in which certain bulbs from Radio Shack were recommended, but due 
> to a voltage mismatch there were doubts about bulb life.  Has anyone had any 
> experience with halogen bulbs to boost dim instrument illumination?  Are they 
> bright and do they last?  Given their high price they should do both to be 
> justified.

I have been using the Radio Shack bulbs (272-1133) for almost a year
now, in combination with repainting the inside of all the gauge cases
high gloss white.  Zero of 5 bulbs have burnt out, and they are plenty
bright.  Not only that, but they cost almost nothing.

Of course, its important you put the rheostat back in line if it's
been bypassed. A 7.5v bulb is obviously not going to last long at 12v.

I'm trying to find some stained glass paint to give the bulbs a
blue tint now that the blue quarter of the gauge cases has been painted


PS: Just watched Grand Prix on Speedvision.  Great movie, I want to go
drive around really fast now.

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