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To: MG list <>
Subject: stumbling
From: Jim Stuart <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 19:42:04 -0500
About 6 years ago, I bought a solid state SU fuel pump from The Roadster
Factory. It is still working fine with 70-80,000 miles on it. About 6
months ago, the pump in my other B went south, so I ordered another
solid state pump. Looked the same, went bad in 60 days. Some days it
worked, some days it didn't. It might work fine for a week, then quit,
work an hour later for 15 min, then die.

I only survive with some sanity left because I had installed a back up
pump in line- that square, noisy thing- with an under dash switch to
change from one to the other.

My reluctant advice is to trade the solid state pump for the original
points type. There seems to have been a change in build quality. There
was a discussion of this on the V8 list a few months ago, with several
having similar problems with the electronic pump.

Jim Stuart
2 V-8's
1968 Bronco- one of the real ones- primitive.

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