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Re: Tire Mounting - Bead?

Subject: Re: Tire Mounting - Bead?
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 1999 06:26:19 -0600
A ratcheting cargo strap around the circumference of the tire will help
force the beads to the edges of the wheel.  Combined with the dishsoap,
this should get you going.  When you start the air into the tire, do it
lightly at first while watching for air.  Tighten the strap until the
bubbles disappear.  Then let your air compressor recharge, and hit it
with a full charge of air until the bead pops into place.  For
troublesome areas, you can push the tread in by hand to help start the
bead seating while hitting it with air.

If you're feeling particularly brave or foolish, you could spray starting
fluid around the circumference of the tire so that the vapors leaks into
the tire and flick a lit match at it.  The resulting mini explosion will
seat the bead.  (I'm not saying that it's safe, or smart, just that I
have seen it work.).

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