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Re: Problem with my MG...

Subject: Re: Problem with my MG...
From: "James H. Nazarian" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 00:09:40 -0500
Too many odometers in too many MG's told a similar tale. It isn't carved in 
that the engine must be rebuilt at that mileage, only something I have observed 
in a
bunch of engines. Another theory I have (no way of testing) asks if the contest 
auto makers used to have going that pushed the recommended oil change intervals 
the realms of ridiculousness (i.e. 15000 mi. or even 20000 mi) may have had 
adherents, and thus a flock of cars with prematurely blown engines. IMHO it is 
to change the oil at a shorter interval than 15000 miles.

Jim wrote:

> At the risk of being pelted with bad connecting rods I
> am going to throw this in the air...
> Doesn't 60K-70K sound early for a rebuild? Especially on
> the cars equipped with oilcoolers and O/D?
> I have 2 1975 MGB's that are used for pleasure, have an
> unknown history, over 100K on the clock and only 1 has
> an oil cooler. Yet both run well and do not have
> excessive blowby or oil consumption. My every summer day
> car is not babied and the engine is probably the only
> part that I have not had to perform repairs on (other
> than regular maintenance). (My father has the other B on
> extended loan).
> All opinions welcome!!!!
>                                    Robert Dusel
>                                    75 MGB x 2
> > Bob,
> >
> > How many miles on the engine? 60-70K miles or some multiple of that will 
> > definitely spell rebuild time.

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