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Re: Problem with my MG...

To: Robert Haigney <>,
Subject: Re: Problem with my MG...
From: "James H. Nazarian" <>
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 00:26:35 -0500

BTW, where are you and the car located? Maybe some of us in your proximity 
would like
to offer a physical hand and some moral support to a new MG owner. MG people 
have been
known to do that. They will also give you great advice like replacing the 
clutch and
throwout bearing while the engine is in surgery. Be happy knowing that this 
didn't have
to happen at home just before winter; it could have occurred while on a trip 
200 miles
from home this summer.

Now, don't make me look silly by telling us you live in the Yukon or Argentina. 
. .
but, come to think of it, I haven't been to either of those towns yet. Maybe I 
show up to help.


"James H. Nazarian" wrote:

> Bob,
> How many miles on the engine? 60-70K miles or some multiple of that will 
> definitely spell rebuild time.
> Warm the engine ever so gently, then drain the oil and inspect it for bronze 
> flakes, or for that matter, any other kind of metal flakes. If there is any 
> of metallic sediment sinking to the bottom of a jar or pan, you can bet it is 
> worn out bearing that is responsible. The noises you hear are very likely then
> connecting rod knock. Avoid running the engine at all. Once the first bearing 
> is flattened the engine will lose all oil pressure and is subject to major
> destruction if something breaks. If nothing has been broken, the rebuild will 
> simple and inexpensive. On the other hand, if one were not as smart as you, 
>and did
> not shut the engine down NOW, you just would not believe the extent of the 
> that can result.
> A leisurely rebuild starting now will make a nice winter project that will be
> completed well before spring. Besides with all the bored listers mulling 
> you'll get loads of e-mail help.
> Jim
> Robert Haigney wrote:
> > I'm a new MG owner, I purchased a 69 MGB-GT,  I'm having a problem and was
> > wondering if anyone knew what it might be, there's a knocking noise, it 
> > just recently, I haven't driven the car since it started, the noise seems 
>to be
> > coming from the behind the engine and in front of the gear box, their is no
> > problem changing gear and the car turns over fine, if you rev. the engine 
> > knocking noise starts, and it's there when the car reaches a higher rev 
> > in any gear (you can't go over 35 mph), you can't hear the noise when the 
> > is idling, I had a mechanic look at it (not an MG man), he seems to think 
> > the rod's in the engine, but I'm not sure, the sound doesn't seem to be 
> > from the engine, anybody have any ideas....?
> >
> > Thanks, Robert.

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