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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 21:25:42 -0500
I guess I should have clarified...Because I didn't tighten the bolt
tight enough the first time, the adjustment came loose on a trip.  I
had to re-set the belt tension without the book in an Arby's parking
lot an hour north of Raleigh.  I remember almost throwing my back
out to be sure that bolt wouldn't move again and the belt wouldn't
slip again.

It didn't.  And the noise didn't start for about three months.  A
week later, all was right in the MG world.

The alternator did die, by the way, after I used the MG to jump
start my sister's car six months later.  And after jumping about
nine others along the way...

Anyway, I normally do read, I'm a librarian by trade, so I know that
reading is A Good Thing.  Sometimes, you just get stuck and have to
go for it.

Mike Lishego
1991 Mazda Miata
1986 Plymouth Turismo T1
1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
1974 MGB

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><< Once I set the belt according to the
> book, >>
>    DEAD on.  Prior to doing a "job"; READ.  It really is why the
things a
>printed and available.
>         Ed

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