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Absolute Confusion...

Subject: Absolute Confusion...
From: "Plant, Keith" <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 11:34:57 +0100
Ok, I'm sorry to hit this group again for a questions I've asked before.
Thank you all for your answers, but I received many different ones and I am
not completely confused.  I'm interested in purchasing a 1974 (early model)
MG B Roadster.  The car is currently located in England and is European
spec.  I checked with the personal property office over here on the base
where I am currently working.  They told me 25 years no matter what.  "If
the car is over 25 years you'll have no problems bringing it back to the
states."  Because I though it was too good to be true, I asked the question
using different words.  I received the same answer using the same words.
Finally, just to be absolutely sure, I asked, "Is that for both Emissions
AND Safety or just Safety."  I was told "Both."

Is this true, or does this person not know what he is talking about?  I will
be moving to probably either NY, VA, FL, SC, or NC when I return to the
states.  Does each state vary that much over emissions (besides CA)? Help
please.  I need to act soon to purchase this car, but I can't purchase it
until I'm sure I can get it back into the states.  Thanks again.


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