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Re: Absolute Confusion...

To: "Plant, Keith" <>
Subject: Re: Absolute Confusion...
From: Jim <>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 08:37:54 -0500
I know others who have been down this path. You can bring this car back as
personal property; the only glitches you might encounter will have to do with
approval to register the car once it is here, but that will only delay (not
prevent) getting its tags. The age of the car is an important factor in your
favor. This is an old car. It can be registered as a "collector's car". Lately,
I have been surprised to hear that several cars have passed the emission tests
without any of the original smog controls. Even if a car fails the emission
tests, the owner can request an exemption from further testing due to
prohibitive cost necessary to bring it into compliance! Meanwhile, you could
always find a US spec top end and air pump to install for very little cost.
Isn't that the "stuff" so many owners remove and discard? Why not ask listers in
the states you may move to, to tell you of their registration experiences?


"Plant, Keith" wrote:

> Ok, I'm sorry to hit this group again for a questions I've asked before.
> Thank you all for your answers, but I received many different ones and I am
> not completely confused.  I'm interested in purchasing a 1974 (early model)
> MG B Roadster.  The car is currently located in England and is European
> spec.  I checked with the personal property office over here on the base
> where I am currently working.  They told me 25 years no matter what.  "If
> the car is over 25 years you'll have no problems bringing it back to the
> states."  Because I though it was too good to be true, I asked the question
> using different words.  I received the same answer using the same words.
> Finally, just to be absolutely sure, I asked, "Is that for both Emissions
> AND Safety or just Safety."  I was told "Both."
> Is this true, or does this person not know what he is talking about?  I will
> be moving to probably either NY, VA, FL, SC, or NC when I return to the
> states.  Does each state vary that much over emissions (besides CA)? Help
> please.  I need to act soon to purchase this car, but I can't purchase it
> until I'm sure I can get it back into the states.  Thanks again.
> Keith

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