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Re: Ignition warning lamp solved!

To: Steve Murphy <>
Subject: Re: Ignition warning lamp solved!
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 14:37:44 -0800
Word on the street is that Steve Murphy said:
>     Well, I found the reason for my glowing warning lamp.  My car is
> different from the Haynes diagram which should apply to it, or I'm looking
> at the wrong one, or something.  According to what I've seen, the ign
> switched accessories should be fed through the fuse box via the white wires.

Not exactly, ignition switched circuits are fed by white wires, but 
ignition switched AND fused circuits should be fed by green wires.  Err,
this may be what you just said, but it could be read a few ways.

So, there should be brown going to the ign switch, white off the ign switch
going to (a) ignition system coil, tach, etc and (b) the fuse block where
it turns into green to feed things like the heater fan, wipers and turn

Although who knows, maybe the 77 is different.  Sounds like you have the
problem figured out, at any rate.

>     Now I'm wondering if there is an appropriate schematic of the wiring for
> my car (77B) in perhaps a later Haynes manual?  Mine is c1977, and none of
> the diagrammes show such a relay... they all show the wiring going to the
> fuse block directly from the ignition switch.

I'm not aware of any relays in the B's electrics, it may have been added
by someone.  But again, I'm no expert with the later electrical system.

Good luck!


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