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Subject: Header??
From: Phil Bates <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 23:14:47 -0700
OK, while I have the engine and trans out to work on the transmission, I
am considering putting a header on my '67 MGB.  Here is the thought
process - I have a 3-main 1800 motor in my MGA with a header, and it
seems to have a lot more power.  The gearing should be the same for both
(I did change the A's rear axle to an early MGB axle).  Anyone know of
disadvantages of using a header on this car (other than cost) - I have
heard the stock manifold is pretty good, but I think a header would be
better.  I do expect that I'll always have a little less power in the B
because of the 2 extra bearings, but it shouldn't be much different.

Phil Bates

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