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Subject: Re: Header??
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Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 23:30:55 -0000

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> I run a Peco system, header, pipe and muffler
> It's my daily driver at 13K a year.

Just been having some trouble with this. On my car, it is the middle
silencer that grounds. It had just 3.1/8" clearance and when I touched a
speed hump or drove into my garage forwards, the rear section of the exhaust
would unplug from the front. No clearance problems with the three-branch

I just replaced the middle box with a smaller one, giving 3.3/4" clearance
ands the new front springs I have should help.

Just a couple of thoughts...

Should the stock BGT ride dead level? Mine is down at the front.

Is the quoted stock 4.5" clearance for real?

Many thanks,

Dave Hill

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