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Subject: MGA
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999 01:42:07 +1100

This didn't seem to make it to the list first time, trying again.. :)

> Soaked them in a mixture of oil and graphite overnite and that seemed to
> do the trick.

Thanks for the info everyone, yep, I'm going to have to pull these bushes
and soak them for a while. You say a mixture of graphite and oil? Where does
one get graphite from, I presume in powdered form? I could smash up an old
fishin' rod I have here.. ;) <G>

It is going to be REALLY painful taking the MGA apart again. Oh bloody wow,
I am in luuurrrvvveee! I tuned her today, set her to 20 deg BTDC and
reeee-bloody-haahhh!! Any MGB owners wanna race??? <G> Goes like an absolute
rocket! I am so impressed, and boy what an exhaust note! No headers for me!
I think the MGA has doubled in noise since I did this conversion and I'm
waiting to guesstimate what GCR I have when I buy myself a new compression
tester. It should actually be less than before, my calcs work out to 7.6:1.
Yeah low, but these RR's put the ex. valve close to the block so not much
room to skim the head - better safe than sorry for now. When I get the motor
out, I'll machine bigger eyebrows into the block so I can regain a point of
GCR. So seeing as the GCR is lower, it's hard to explain why it's louder, I
guess the porting - I don't know. Actually the car seems to suck a hell of a
lot more air than before even at idle, at least it's noticeable to my ear
'ole. :)

Hey Barney, I'm getting some of that 'attitude' at last <G> I got her up to
6500 today (yeah I know it's not 7500), and she was still singing her head
off! I think 7000rpm would be feasible no problem at all with these springs,
but 6500 and she's cracking concrete and squirming the rears! So much for
MGA's not having any power. :) (ok it's not mind blowing power, but it's a
helluva lot more than b4 <G>) I can't imagine a nicer MG than an MGA right
now, except for maybe a Twin Cam version. :) Have to wait till my CGT
arrives to broaden my perspective. Anyone got a K3 I can borrow to broaden
it even further??? ;) <G>


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