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Clutch Job 2000

To: MG Nuts <>
Subject: Clutch Job 2000
From: Skye Poier <>
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 16:24:05 -0800
It's time to tackle Mr. Clutch, please have a look over this parts lists
to see if there are any items I'm missing.  Hopefully once it's opened
up there won't be more "suprises" ...  Moss P/N's of course

190-810 heavy duty pressure plate
190-820 heavy duty clutch disc
190-300 carbon release bearing
190-570 release bearing retainer
461-010 clutch lever boot oval
180-820 clutch hose
180-965 master cyl repair kit (just in case)
330-180 pedal bush
190-625 distance tube - the clutch pedal has some side-to-side slop
387-235 clutch alignment tool 5-main
???-??? spigot bushing - 1" ?? 1 1/2" ????
120-820 engine rear oil seal
291-010 oil pan gasket (maybe)
413-020 LH engine mount
413-010 RH engine mount
413-050 rear engine mount (x 2)
120-300 trans. front cover oil seal
296-560 trans. front cover gasket

.. and I'll have the flywheel resurfaced while it's out.  What size
spigot bushing do I need?  5-main GB engine, with 4-sync OD tranny.

I'm having a bit of a while-its-out-itis attack, if I get the oil pan
gasket replaced, should I get the main bearings done too??  My oil
pressure is Good but not Great.


1966 MGB - GHN3L     Safety Fast!             __,__\__ 
The MGB Experience   (_o____o_)

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