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Re: Speeding in the UK

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Subject: Re: Speeding in the UK
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Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 19:04:25 -0600
Last Saturdays Motorweek tested a car with ABS in the wet and dry
conditions, with active ABS, and without.  The ABS stopped faster in both

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Date: Monday, January 10, 2000 5:02 PM
Subject: Re: Speeding in the UK

>This is just not correct.
>If you don't lock up a wheel, the braking distances are IDENTICAL
>If you lock up a wheel, the car with ABS will stop in a shorter distance
>If you can threshold brake like an expert (and you can cadence brake in
>overdo it), then you can brake in a slightly shorter distance than the ABS.
>The catch
>is that most drivers CAN'T do this, despite what they think.
>I have both attended and taught at advanced driving courses at which all
>were unambiguously demonstrated.
>The big disadvantage to ABS is on the dirt and perhaps snow or ice (but I
>have experience with those). On gravel or dirt, it is IMHO dangerous to
>Having owned and driven an ABS car, and travelled many *long* miles in it
>(and even
>competed in it), I can say that on the whole, it is a very good thing. You
>can't always be
>at the peak of you concentration and skill and the ABS compensates for
>times admirably.
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>> Charles D. Sorkin had this to say:
>> >Unrelated question about ABS systems:  On normal dry road surfaces, with
>> >properly functioning brakes, doesn't an antilock braking system cause
>> >car to require a LONGER stopping distance?
>> >
>> I believe that is the case, due to the fact that cycling the brake on and
>> off means that it is actually applied less than 100% of the time, which
>> would, of course, result in the minimum distance.
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