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Re: 4-cars

Subject: Re: 4-cars
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 00:35:03 EST

<< (And how many of you folks
 still have your first car?  How many still wish they had theirs?) >>
1st car was a 63  Hillman. would haul 4 but had no radio. Drove it til 
couldn't get parts. 2nd was a 72 Vega. It wore out about every part by the 
time it had 40K on it and was rusting thru to boot. 3rd was 64 Chevy truck 
with 327 and 3 on tree. Wish I still had that one. Next came the 76 Toyota 
which I still have and is supposed to be the car I drive when the B needs 
work. Unfortunately it has carb trouble. The 74 B was next and has been 
pretty much a daily driver since 93 when I bought it.

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