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Re: Your Cars

Subject: Re: Your Cars
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 22:22:35 -0500
Something says I should not do this, but it seems a challenge to remember
them here goes: 

53 Chevy convert. 3 speed on the column ( You see, you would drive with
your                              arm around your date and teach her how to
move the shift as
                                                           you worked the
clutch) Ah to be 18 again
60 Chevy Impala convert (red with red hounds tooth upolstery)
66 Chevy Impala convert (radio had a reverb unit to mimic stereo)
62 Alfa Romeo Guilietta Spider Veloce (got married and wife took over the
66               Chev) Alfa is the one car I really regret selling, but it
always needed fixing   
 73 Chevy Impala sedan for wife and baby  First brand new car $3100.
73 Chevy Nova  (needed something more normal for work then Alfa)
74 Volvo (used)(wanted a stick  shift yet normal car. I hated the Volvo)
76? Lancia Beta Coupe. Great 4 passenger sport sedan. I had good luck with
it        and it was nicer than the Volvo
75 Jag XJ6C  (used)Unique beautiful car. Pillarless coupe! I still have it
73? Suburu (used)to drive daily and save the Jag.I had great luck with it
75 Buick convert (used) wife's last fling with youth
78 Mercury Colony Park (used )gargantuan station wagon ( 3 children  made
             it necessay)
                                                  52 MG TD  (the disease
84 Chevy stationwagon (used) to replace the Merc wagon
87? Pontiac stationwagon (used)to replace the Chevy wagon
85 Ford Taurus(used) to replace the Suburu
89 Ford Taurus to repace the 85
89 Jeep Grand Wagoneer to repace the Pontiac wagon and make the arabs rich!  
95 Pontiac Bonnie to replace the Taurus
97 Pontiac Bonnie to replace the totaled  95(my youngest son's deed)
97 LandRover Discovery to repace the Jeep (wife still has, and we like it)
00 BMW (leased) too expensive to buy! to replace 97 Bonnie
Now the MGs

The 52 TD  was joined a few years later by a 
70 BGT (given to me  free with tons of rust) I restored it and still have
79 B Convert. Bought it at an insurance auction (usuall fire under hood)
and                restored it
                                                            80 B limited
edition (bought by insurance company after  some teenage girl
    wiped out the 79B  Still have it
                                  60 MGA  Convert 1600  Red and beautiful
Still have it
53 Mg YB  (bought by mail from England unseen) Still have it
57 ZB   Steel Blue  still have it 
47 TC  I restored it and it is almost mint  Still have it
54 TF  Bought with next door neighbor to run the 1986 Ocean to Ocean New
England MGT Register 7500 mile endurance run. After the run. I bought out
my neighbors interest.  Still have it and go everywhere with it (Canada,
England, all over the US)
34 PA (in restoration 3 years) Sold the TD to get it

My oldest son has a 58 MGA Coupe

Please note that I have been collecting and restoring MGs since 1973 and I
can't part with them. It truly is an illness.


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