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re:your cars

Subject: re:your cars
From: pat bailey <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 06:48:42 -0800
Lets see if I can remember......

"57 Buick........I sent money to my Dad while I was overseas to get me a
car ....He liked BUICKS

"61 Corvair wagon

,62 Corvair Monza

"61 T-Bird

,65 Datsun 1500

"69 Fiat 125 coupe Bought new

"73 Mazda pickup bought new

76 Ford Pickup

"72 TR6  shouda kept it

"72 Toyota Landcruiser Shoulda kept it too

73 Toyota pickup

'67 Ford pickup

75 Jeep cherokee

'79 Ford pickup

"79 Mercury Lynx...Worst car I ever had

'77 Chevy suburban

,79 MGB

I gotta make up my mind!!!

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