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RE: NON LBC Polaroid Story - Family history

To: Chris Kotting <>, MGs <>
Subject: RE: NON LBC Polaroid Story - Family history
From: Dan Pockrus <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 08:37:03 -0600
> Okay, I can't resist trotting out an old story told by my parents.
> They met when my Mom was teaching photography for the Army.  They were
> engaged, when they were approached by a guy with "odd 
> mannerisms", as my
> Mom put it (my guess is we'd call him a nerd or geek today).  
> He said he
> had a new chemical process for photography, and that he was 
> looking for
> investors, at the princely sum of $1 a share.  Well, my 
> parents figured
> that they could scrape together all of $1,000.  (Which was a LOT of
> money in those days!)
> You can guess the rest.  My folks decided it was too risky, the guy's
> name was Land, the process was Polaroid.
> I console myself with the thought that if they HAD invested, I'd
> probably be an even more insufferable jerk than I already am! <grin>
> Chris Kotting

I think there are a lot of us that have stories like that.

Back in the day when I was fresh out of college with my shiny new Computer
Science degree, I went on what is considered a "blind" interview. You don't
see many of them now, but back then it was fairly common to see ads in the
paper listing a position with nothing more than a phone number. Anyway, I
called and set up an interview. I was told to meet someone at an office
tower at the given time, where I was given a quick tour and told a little
about the job. It was for a computer operator for a small mainframe (like I
said, this was a while ago) that served two offices, working the 3:00pm -
11:00pm shift. Since I had my mind set on being a programmer, I turned down
the offer.

The company? You know it now as Ticketmaster. I would have been employee #9.

Dan Pockrus

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