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Re: seeing colors

To: Rollie BROWN <>
Subject: Re: seeing colors
From: "Douglas B. Gaither" <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 13:24:10 -0800

I was looking just like you are.  Here is what did the trick for me.  A very
nice addition to my library as well.

Doug Gaither
 Vintage Colour Register: Guide to Historic Colors

As many of you know, I've been killing myself trying to find the a proper
color match for some BRG's.  Apparently California has outlawed all the
'Good' paint.  And the paint manufacturers only have correct formulations
for the outlawed 'Good' paint.  I spent $60 on paint samples that were
correct according to
their computer but not really correct at all.  Well I found this real cool
item during a list search of the Austin-Healey list.  It is a book of paint
samples printed in 'Good' paint that was researched to be very close if not
spot-on to the original colors.  As you know, Austin-Healey and MG's shared
many of the same colors.  It just happened that it had the BRG's I was
looking for.  Anyway, this book was only $25 plus $5 s&h.  When I got it, I
was amazed!  It is professionally done with a nice binder and slipcover and
has technical information about the colors.  And for me, I just took it to
the paint store and had them color-match my 'New British Racing Green
(BLVC25)' .

Even though I don't have an A-H, this is a very cool item and I am very glad
to have it in my collection.  They are planning MG, Jaguar and Triumph
versions if this one sells well.  The guy (Don) that put this together works
at a color print house and the following is the information he sent me.

Doug 'BLVC-25' Gaither
Click on this URL to see a list of all the colors in the A-H guide

For the past two years I have been developing a series of guides to historic
British car colors. At this time the Healey guide is finished and ready for
sale.  My ultimate aim is to have an edition for Jaguar, Austin-Healey, MG,
and Triumph. My father and I run a color card business and the color guides
will be produced using our manufacturing capabilities.

As part of the project, I have invested in the ICI paint mixing basics in
order to establish color standards.  After identifying the correct paint
codes for specific models, I mixed and sprayed all the colors using ICI
mixing formulas.  The guide contains accurate color matches of these

The process we use to make a color card is called color depositing in which
color-matched lacquer is applied directly to the sheet of paper using a
photoengraved die.  This enables us to portray color with accuracy and
consistency unsurpassed by any other production method.  I stress it is NOT
four-color-process printing as seen in magazines.

The Healey guide covers all colors standard to Big Healeys and Sprites, plus
two special colors, Lobelia Blue and Ice Green Metallic.  (Original samples
of these colors were generously provided by Ken Freee and Fred Hunter
respectively.)  There are four main sections:

Section 1:  Several pages of text giving project background, technical
information about color and color matching (in a general sense), and a
complete list of colors with modern ICI paint codes.

Section 2:  A page devoted to each model, organized the same as the
"Original" series of restoration guides, that shows all the standard colors
for that particular model.

Section 3:  Alphabetical listing/large deposit (1 1/4" x 2 1/2") of each
color, 5 colors per page, with a bleed on the right.  This can be used for
custom color-matching in the event that an owner prefers a paint system
other than ICI.

Section 4:  Misc. references, appendix, demonstration of metamerism

Some other specifics:

Packaging:  6" x 9" 3-ring binder w/slipcase, grey book linen fabric
No. Pages:  35
No. Colors: 55
Price:      US$24.95
Shipping:   Domestic US:  Priority Mail $4.30  (any zip code)
            International: AIR [Canada-$7.44  Mexico-$13.00  Europe-$16.80
                                Asia/Africa-$21.28 Pacific Rim-$23.65]
                           SURFACE [Canada-$4.00  All other countries-$4.46]
Sales Tax:  Ohio residents add 6 1/2%
Payment:    Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check
Adress:     Coloramic Process, Inc.
            2883 Industrial Park Drive
            Austinburg, OH  44010
            phone:  440-275-1199
            fax:    440-275-1188
Press run:  500

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