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'77 MGB Water Pump failure

Subject: '77 MGB Water Pump failure
From: "Parenti, Mark" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 06:20:33 -0700
I returned home from a trip and my son told me that on his 1977 MGB the
ignition light had come on and that the car had started running hot so he
brought it home and parked it (good move!) When I looked at it, I discovered
the fan belt was broken and coolant was leaking from the bottom of the water
pump. I tried turning the pump by hand and it spun freely. I suspect that
the water pump may have frozen causing the belt to snap, but that doesn't
explain why it now spins freely (unless something snapped in the pump at the
same time the belt snapped). I have ordered a new pump, but was curious if I
should be concerned about anything more major being amiss. The engine starts
and runs fine.


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