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Re: Bonding fiberglas

To: "Michael Singleton" <>
Subject: Re: Bonding fiberglas
From: "James Nazarian Jr" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 00:58:05 -0600
> 2: The ducting will take up considerable free room inside the engine
> compartment, and will make the hood effectively much closer to the

If you looked at my V8 it would almost be silly not to do the route I am
discussing.  My carb w/o air cleaner will fit under a stock B bonnet, but
not with cleaner, so what I have opted to do is use 1" drop base 3" cleaner
(sizes complements of the folks at who knew way too much about
the 215 V8).  This will put the filter right up against the bulge in the C
bonnet, so a little ducting under the hood to resemble the inside of a B
bonnet.  This will form some manner of a rectangle of the shape of the
underside of a B bonnet with the top of a C bulge.  This rectangular box
will have a hole in it that, when closed, will seal the duct to the carb. 
>From the inside this will look like a B bonnet with a hole cut for an
aircleaner (14" round) and from the outside it will look like a C bonnet
the way they should have made it.

I seem to remember reading that at only 60mph a properly positioned scoop
is good for 2-4psi boost depending on the designs and all that stuff.

> 3: The air exiting from the radiator is not cool. Further, if it has
> to go, the fan can try to pull (or push, as the case may be) all it wants
> to, but it will be much less effective.

There is no belly pan on the car so the lowered ride height, coupled with
the open underbody, and electric fans should move air through the engine
bay rather well.  Again this is an at speed thing (the venturi effect) but
I haven't really restricted the under bonnet airflow at all.

BTW. It is frightening that on a list where the cars are made of steel, how
much you all know about fiberglass.

James Nazarian
71 B Roadster
71 BGT 
63 Buick 215

"Aerodynamics are for people who cannot build engines"
Enzo Ferrari

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