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Re: Smoke and Oil

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Subject: Re: Smoke and Oil
From: Jon Paulsen <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 06:52:06 -0700 (PDT)
Might also inspect all the tubing associated with the
PCV system and vac canister if installed. Mine had one
port on the vac canister open to God's good world and
the tube off the valve cover broken wide open and the
poor little PCV valve (looked like a chevy type
someone added in) had it guts coming out it's mouth
like a run over frog. Ever notice how frogs always
wave good-bye just before they get hit, one arm up and
one arm down?

It was spitting oil like no tomorrow until I replaced
the hose, PCV, and capped the unused port.


--- "Pearson, Tim" <> wrote:
> Richard:
> probably due to excess crankcase pressure from the
> blocked PCV.
> Also, exhaust smoke is not necessarily oil - what
> colour? It's fairly easy
> to set up SU's so badly that you get horrendous
> amount of dark smoke from a
> too rich mixture.
> The whole engine has to work as a system - change
> one bit, you change the
> lot. Blocked/non working PCV will probably effect
> your mixture...and
> manifold vaccuum (hence dist vaccuum advance).
> PCV valves are a fairly simple bit of kit - they're
> basically just a spring
> loaded rubber diaphraghm. About the only thing that
> ever goes wrong is a)
> clogged with gunk (clean out) or b) holed diaphragm
> (replace)
> a) will give you too much crank pressure, b) will
> give you a lean mixture
> and uneven running.
> Just out of curiosity - are you in Sydney? and which
> local MG specialist?
> Tim
> 66MGB YGHN3-3238

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