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Report card...radiator overflow problem

Subject: Report card...radiator overflow problem
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 09:49:14 -0400
I had a problem with overflow and requested help from the list. Here's my 

First, a repeat of the symptoms:

Overflow from radiator overflow tube;
The temp indicator on the dash reached high temp much faster than norm 
[email stuff removed];
Occurance: last 3 times on the road, the last after a ride on flat terrain
of less than 5 miles.

Here's the scorecard:
4 suggested a new radiator cap (Jay Donoghue, Andy P., Richard Spurling, 
David ? & Chris Attias; Chris by the way hit it on the head after 
suggesting more drastic solutions by reviewing the symptoms with me off 
list; Richard also did a great job talking me through diagnostics);

2 suggested a head gasket and I received (and saved) a wonderful lesson by 
Barney on the expectations to expect with a leaky head gasket...Barney, 
have you ever considered writing a car repair manual??  I would buy it 
pronto if you did! You could even write it in the form of a memoir

and the famous acerbic Ed reviewed with me the KISS principle. Ed, you were 
right on, too, and I appreciate your terse, yet explanatory and clear comments.

Report Card:
        I watched the coolant heat up with the cap off and a thin froth 
but no obvious bubbles. When the fluid was cold, a protein-like froth as 
one might find on the the top of a dirty aquarium, was present. When 
heated, no eruptions like Alka-Selter or even no new bubbles like those 
coming off the side of a glass full of soda/beer/tonic water. The froth was 
like that normally seen on a surface of water undergoing movement. But you 
know, it is hard to know what is normal from verbal descriptions of "small 
        Plugging on, I bought a new cap at a local Autozone 'cause it was close 
and cheap. Replaced the coolant on the advice of many, flushed the system a 
few times, and did all the necessary refilling with fresh antifreeze. On 
with the new cap...

After a 20 mile jaunt, no leaking...voila...the simplist solution. 
Temperature went to its normal position but took longer...

Thanks guys, even you, Hans, who took the time to panic me with the head 
gasket suggestion. I appreciate all the comments and the time out of your 
busy lives to send them.

:-) one happy lister  but next message

Bill Saidel

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