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Re: I did it!

To: "William Killeffer" <>, <>
Subject: Re: I did it!
From: "Kristian Chronister" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 00:09:01 -0000

Item 1: Your Car. Congratulations. Daunting as they seem now, I'd say the
issues you have to deal with are MINOR. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Adjusting valve
clearances was one of the few things I found far, far easier than I
expected, BTW. Installing a new fuel-tank sender unit, now that's another
story. Seems easy. Wasn't. Ugh.

Item 2: Music. I'm pretty much cool with the Schumann's Rhenish Symphony,
Patsy Cline, the Gipsy Kings, Britney Spears, and "The In Sound from the Way
Out" by the Beastie Boys. Most things in between too. Hell, I like it all
except for hardcore gangsta rap (but I'm still trying to get with that).

Item 3: Politics. I agree with 90% of what the libertarians talk about, and
would go to war to stop the other 10% of what they propose. The Democrats
have some good ideas on the social front, and seem to get laid a lot, which
I can respect; but God help us if they're allowed to manage the national
bank-book. The Republicans seem a solid bunch on the fiscal responsibility
front, but they also want WAY too much to do with my personal life and could
use a good dose of Viagra from what I can tell. Independents are not.
They're one of the above and just won't admit it. PJ O'Rourke had a riotous
commentary in one of his books on "why God is a republican and Santa is a
democrat" in one of his books. It ended with a line like "the difference is,
we're all pretty sure there is no Santa." I recommend it highly.  Bottom
line: I'm pretty much screwed and wish there was a "none of the above"
selection on all ballots. How about you?

Item 4: Cars. If it says MG on it, it's gotta be good. I lean toward the MGA
over the MGB, but that has more to do with a dislike for smog control
equipment than anything substantive. I even like (gasp) several cars that
say other things like Triumph, Austin-Healey or Jaguar. One thing's for
sure, if it says something else, will it get me to the train station or not?
My interest ends there.



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