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Universal Joint Replacement

Subject: Universal Joint Replacement
From: DVCameron <>
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 07:24:05 -0400
Hi all. First, thanks for the archives URL - searching them helped me a ton.
As a result, I realized I have to replace my rear U-joints. From what I read,
it sounds like it should be simple enough, but neither the Bentley or Hanes
gives a very good description of the job. Couple of questions for my 73 B:

1) Do I order the sealed or unsealed joints? Am thinking sealed, but the Moss
catalogue doesn't have an option. VB does.

2) How do I replace 'em? Do I unbolt the yokes on both sides, take the
propeller shaft out from under my car and take it from there, or is this done
all under the car?

3) How bout grease fittings? Saw some archival stuff on which way to point
them during installation, and about some fittings being too long. Is there a
best place to purchase the joint with proper size fittings?

Thanks for the help! - Doug, 73 B, Boston

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