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Proper vacuum hose routing?

Subject: Proper vacuum hose routing?
From: John Walker <>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 21:53:57 -0700
I have a question about proper vacuum hose routing.
I need to verify where (2) of the vacuum hoses on my '74 B are supposed to 
be connected.

The first hose in question starts at the oil separator (Moss #367-250) and 
goes to a "Y" connector.  The two hoses from the 'Y' connector then go to 
the front and rear HIF carbs.  Are the two hoses supposed to connect to the 
vacuum tubes that are angled up on the outside of each carb?  Or where do 
they connect to the carbs?

The next hose that I am unsure about is the small hose that connects to the 
anti run-on valve.  Where is this hose supposed to connect on the carb end?

Does it matter which vacuum port on the intake manifold that I connect the 
vacuum advance to?  If yes, which should it be.

The diagrams in the Moss catalog show all of the hoses, but it is not clear 
where each hose connects.  I am hoping that you guys can help me out here.

Thanks in advance.


John Walker

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