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Re: Vacuum Advances and M&G

To: "A D" <>,
Subject: Re: Vacuum Advances and M&G
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 09:54:48 -0400
Considering their apparently obvious attitude toward original items and the 
purchasers thereof, I'd think twice about this, unless you can dig up 
someone that had it down by them to convince you otherwise.

At 01:29 PM 8/23/00 +0000, A D wrote:
>Does anybody know if there are any differences between new vacuum advance
>units and the originals, as it relates to timing characteristics?  I'm
>setting out to refurbish a DM2.P4 distributer for my MGA and have 2 or 3, 40
>year old OEM vacuum advances, but I don't know if they are still good or
>what their life expectancy is.
>M&G advertises that they refurbish original vacuum advances, albeit for $50+
>(more than the price of a new replacement).  But what are the timing
>differences between new and old?
>I have never heard of anybody performing the service of refurbishing vacuum
>advances besides M&G.  Makes me wonder...
>I asked a local MGer last week about M&G, I was told, simply, that after
>shaking hands with them, you leave with 4 fingers.  I guess becasuse they
>are located close enough to New York City, a big captive market, they can
>afford to conduct business in any way they choose to.
>Art D.

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