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Re: Vacuum Advances and M&G

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Subject: Re: Vacuum Advances and M&G
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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:10:37 -0400
you can check out Paul hunt's site as well as mine for 
all the dizzy curves. I have the vac advance curves listed as well
for the bulk of the dist. models MG used.

the bottom of the page has a footnote on how to read the vac numbers.

(Vacuum spec numbers =  
IE:  10.15.5  would start advancing at 10 Hg of vacuum, max adv. would be 
reached at 15 Hg ...for a total change of 5 degrees. 5 distributor 
degrees = 10 crankshaft degrees

Paul Tegler 

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Subject: Vacuum Advances and M&G

Does anybody know if there are any differences between new vacuum advance 
units and the originals, as it relates to timing characteristics?  I'm 
setting out to refurbish a DM2.P4 distributer for my MGA and have 2 or 3, 40 
year old OEM vacuum advances, but I don't know if they are still good or 
what their life expectancy is.

M&G advertises that they refurbish original vacuum advances, albeit for $50+ 
(more than the price of a new replacement).  But what are the timing 
differences between new and old?

I have never heard of anybody performing the service of refurbishing vacuum 
advances besides M&G.  Makes me wonder...

I asked a local MGer last week about M&G, I was told, simply, that after 
shaking hands with them, you leave with 4 fingers.  I guess becasuse they 
are located close enough to New York City, a big captive market, they can 
afford to conduct business in any way they choose to.

Art D.

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