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Radiators- is there something better?

Subject: Radiators- is there something better?
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 05:55:10 -0700
Well, it's interesting to finally be back to reading this list after
many months of being way too busy.
Of course, my 79 B doesn't wait to have problems until I have the time,
or can ask this group, so I did have it in the shop over the summer.
I just got it back, and it seemed to be doing okay, (got a nice ticket
for expired registration), until I attempted the journey from Phoenix to
I didn't get very far before the car was overheating badly, and I had to
keep pulling off to pour water on the radiator and let the fans cool
everything down.
Eventually, around Eloy, I had to pull over and there was steam coming
from around the spark plugs, so we left it on the side of the road (had
my parents in their 88 LTD wagon behind me) and my dad towed it down
with the wagon the next day.
I took the car for a little spin, because it still ran, but it got very
hot and still has steam from around the spark plugs.
Have I blown the head gasket? Could I have done something worse?
I dont' need the car immediately because school and work are in walking
distance, so I plan to do the work myself.
What should I be looking for if I take off the head?
I also plan to replace the radiator.  Is there an uprated radiator
available, one which cools better than the original?
Thanks in advance, sorry about the length.
Mike Jose

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