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Re: Radiators- is there something better?

To: Valerie Stabenow <>,
Subject: Re: Radiators- is there something better?
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 01:59:18 -0700
I have repeatedly flushed the system, changed the coolant, and it still
comes out a little yucky.  I know that coolant exits the overflow, but it
doesnt' seem like the overflow is even designed to return the coolant.  If
it is, the closes radiator and opaque overflow dont' give me a good idea
of whether it's doing the job.  I doubt it is.  I have replaced the
thermostat several times attempting to solve this problem, but to little
What i do know is that my father's mustang had the same problem earlier
this summer, and was resolved by changing the radiator and renewing
thermostat, flushing, and changing coolant.
My concern is whether steam coming from around the spark plugs is a blown
gasket, cracked head or worse.
My other concern is trying to drive the car with any reliability in 100+
temps in Arizona.  That's why I would like to have some sort of uprated
radiator, if available.
Thanks for reminding me of the little things,
Mike Jose

Valerie Stabenow wrote:

> First, I would ask if this car has a radiator overflow and if so, is
> fluid going to and from???
> When was the last time the cooling system was drained and reverse
> flushed? You could simply have a blockage somewhere, especially if the
> rad hoses have not been replaced (they disintegrate from the inside)
> You could also have a stuck thermostat.
> I would do the easy, simple stuff first, like drain and reverse flush
> and refill the system, put new hoses on and replace the thermo, before
> you get into big projects like a head gasket.
> Valerie Stabenow, mga, tr4a, xk-e, tr6

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