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Re: Oh Sh*^ BTDT!

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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 15:21:37 -0400
Don't know about the clearances on a 1500 Midget (engine to frame)
but without pulling the engine I dropped the pan on my 1500 Spitfire
(yes the front pan bolts are a pain...getting to them.)
I loosened the mounts, jacked the motor up 1" an put a block of
wood between the mounts to keep the engine up.

I replaced the connecting rod big end bearings only. Total job
with fancy clean up and oil pan paint respray took less than two hours.
(paint it an let it dry while you're doing the bearings)
This was done because I could hear the slight 'hammering'
on acceleration they were cheaper than dirt on EBay)

Are you sure the bits of metal are bearing pieces.? Have you considered
them possibly bits from the end of one of you push rods (mushroomed 
and cracked) or slivers from a past valve job when you tweaked the 
screws just a bit hard?   :-)
Seriously though... how much metal, and of what kind?
Was it magnetic? (Bearing shells are bronze aren't they?)

Paul Tegler 

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I was checking the oil this AM and discovered bits of metal in the oil. 
My guess - I got a bearing that is coming apart. Now I have a real 
problem. The Midget is my only car!!! So that stops parking the car, 
pulling the engine and doing a rebuild. So I have the thought that I will 
slap some bearings into it to give me a bit more time while I find an 
engine I can rebuild so I can do a swap on a weekend. Unless somebody has 
a running 1500 spare in the Eastern PA region they wanna let go cheap!!! 
;-) Or if somebody nearby has a rebuilt 1500 I can swap in, then I can 
rebuild the one I have and give that one back to them. Or a rebuildable 
short block would work too. Or, or, or ......??


with very sick Midget 1500

Larry Macy
78 Midget

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