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Subject: Re: Seat Height
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Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:00:22 -0400
I went through the same thing.
When I wasn't driving the car... I put a wood board on the seat
(cut to precisely fit the center square seat bottom section)
I'd then place 175 lbs worth of bar-bell weights on it to compress the foam.
After a week or two, I can tell I'm now sitting at a much more 
reasonable level. 

Paul Tegler 

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Subject: Re: Seat Height

Fellow Listers:

I also have this problem.  Ever since I redid the
front seats (new upholstery, foams, diaphragms) the
head room in my GT is non-existent. Even after
reclining the seat somewhat and slouching, I am still
very uncomfortable.  I have removed the wooden spacers
at the bottom of the seats and that has not helped.  

The only ideas I can think of to remedy this
situation would be to somehow modify the seat
diaphragms to allow the lower cushion to sag a bit
more.  Before I redid my seats, I had plenty of head
room...but the seat foams and diaphragms were pretty

Any ideas?


Matt Milkevitch

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