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Re: Seat height

To: "MGs" <>
Subject: Re: Seat height
From: "Richard Spurling" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 16:52:00 +0930
Hi Kids,

I'm the bloke with the original question.

I pulled the driver's seat out this afternoon. The seat has been rebuilt,
very nicely rebuilt too, with a very wide (about 8") piece of chipboard at
the rear of the seat, to which the webbing straps are mounted. I reckon I've
been sitting on the edge of this board. Without pulling the seat apart, I
found I could cut a little under 1" from the front of this board before
fouling with where the webbing was mounted. Out came the jigsaw and with a
lot of mucking about, I managed to cut that 1" off - along with one of the
webbing straps (almost but not quite cut all the way across, it's holding by
about 1/2"). That makes me a DPO - a dreaded present owner. I then
reinstalled the seat. This dropped me by about 1" in the car which makes a
big difference. It's not perfect, I reckon I need to drop another inch, but
to get that, I would need to pull the seat apart and redo the webbing, with
a much narrower bit of timber. The idea would be to have my bottom in the
middle of the strapping area, rather than at one end of it as now happens
with this block of wood. I reckon I've dropped it enough to live with until
the seat dies.

By far the best part of the job was taking Scotty's car for a drive to see
how low he sits - much lower than mine. Thanks for the drive mate. Never
thought I'd enjoy driving an automatic MGB, but yours is a real sweetie.

Now for the DPO stories - there are always some aren't there.
The seat was not sitting on the wooden rails - not a big deal.
The seat bolts were over 2" long - I guess he didn't want them to vibrate
When I undid the rear bolts, big steel plates fell from under the car and
onto the driveway. These were not needed when I refitted the seat so the
factory nuts were not stripped. Goodness knows why they were put there.
Then there is the dopey way in which the seat had been reupholstered -
professionally too as was the rest of the work.
That's the scary bit - a workshop committed all these howlers.
Not bad for just the driver's seat installation is it?

While I had the seat out, I had a look at the handbrake switch. I've never
actually seen any sort of light fitted to the handbrake in an Australian car
(aussie delivery, manufacture or import) so I wasn't surprised to seen the
brackets for a switch there, but no switch. This means that if my brake
warning light starts flashing at me again, the problem is elsewhere.

         Anne and Richard Spurling

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