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Re: British Parts Locator - any experiences?

Subject: Re: British Parts Locator - any experiences?
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 21:53:02 EST
Carl is a member of our club (British Motorcars of N.E.) and can vouch for 
the quality of the goods he sells.
He's been in the business (Special Interest Car Parts) for many years and has 
a wealth of knowledge and experience in LBC's.
His background in bridle and saddle making qualifies him very well to make 
interiors. While I state the usual disclaimers, I've seen his work and you'd 
be hard pressed to duplicate it at any price.
BTW, he's done work for most of the clubmembers (150 or so) and continues to 
be a resource for locating new and used parts.
Bob Stahlbush
66 MGB GHN3L 78708
60 TR3A TS81398L

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