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Re: Timing Chain Single/Double ? MGB

To: Lawrie Alexander <>
Subject: Re: Timing Chain Single/Double ? MGB
From: Charley & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 02:04:19 -0600

  When I rebuilt my B engine last winter, I replaced both sprockets and
the chain.  I used the double-row components because I'm convinced that
they'll last longer than the single row parts.  

  The cost difference between the single-row and the double row parts,
using Moss catalogue prices, is (believe it or not!) $3.85, with the
single-row parts costing $61.85 and the double row parts costing
$58.80!  How about that?  The single-row  sprockets cost more than than
the double.  But for ~$4 overall difference, who cares? They both use
the same tensioner, according to the catalog, another $12.35, with the
gasket and locktab.  

  With the above in mind, and the taking into account that I'm lazy and
don't like to take things apart more often than necessary, it's no
contest in my mind; the double-row parts get the nod.  


  Charley Robinson
  '69 B
  '76 Midget

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