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RE: Timing Chain Single/Double ? MGB

To: Bud Krueger <>, MG List <>
Subject: RE: Timing Chain Single/Double ? MGB
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 09:44:39 -0500
No matter what you do, if you are rebuilding the engine, it would be foolish 
and risky not to replace the timing chain and gears. The decision to go with 
a double or single row chain is up to you. For my money, I prefer a double row
system. They are more durable, and less prone to failure. Even if it's only 
slight improvement, I'd rather do it once now, and rest easier later.

'75 B Roadster
Lowered and loud

>===== Original Message From Bud Krueger <> =====
>Opinions please?
>     I'm in the act of rebuilding the 18V engine in my 77B.  The option of
>reverting to a double row timing chain keeps coming up.   The goal of the
>rebuild is reliable commuting for the next 100,000 miles (4 years).  Anyone 
>to venture an opinion on the merits of one system vs. the other? TIA.
>Bud Krueger

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